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I've never had a car payment in my life, and I tend to drive cars until they die, so when I went to sell my car, I was in new territory. Given that I work two jobs, I didn't have the time to sell my car by placing an ad in the papers and making appointments with prospective buyers. Plus I stink at negotiating.

I had no need to buy a new car, plus I haven't had good experiences with new car dealers (see bad negotiator above). My first thought was to sell my car to Car Max. Their advertising promises no hassles, and that they buy cars even when you're not looking for another car. Unfortunately, when I went to sell my car to them, they offered so far below the Blue Book Value that I decided I'd rather save my old car until my niece turned 16 in a few years and give it to her.

However, when I came back after choosing not to sell my car to Car Max, my wife reminded me that we had a new baby and needed the money. I next listed my car on several national used car sites, provided a greaet amount of detail, and priced it about 10% under Blue Book value in an attempt to sell my car fast.

Over the next two weeks I received a small handful of offers from individual buyers, as well as dozens of offers from junk car buyers, used car dealers, and scrap metal companies. All of the offers were far less than half of the Blue Book value. In the end, I chose not to sell my car to any to any of them, and took a different tact.

I went online and searched for 'car buyers'. I ended up filling out about a half-dozen online forms, and made about a dozen phone calls in an effort to sell my car. I ended getting a few offers that I thought were fair, and ended up selling my car within several days.

I wanted to sell my car, and I wasted almost a month passively offering it in both the real and virtual world. In the end, I ended up selling my car to a company I would never have thought existed. After all, what is a car buyer? I still have no idea, but I was able to sell my car, they towed it away for free, and I got close to the price I was looking for.

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