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When you're looking to sell a car in 2009, there are a great many options. In the old days, people looking to sell a car had only a small handful of choices. You could trade in a car at the dealer, where you knew they'd make an inflated offer and make their money up when they sell you a new car.

If you didn't need a new car, and still wanted to sell a car, you used to be limited to placing an ad in the newspaper or placing a sign on your old car. Either way, you ended to hoping the phone would ring. When calls came in, you'd have to make appointments, haggle, and hope to get something like what you were hoping to sell your car for.

The Internet has revolutionized the automotive market, and those looking to sell a car have hundreds of options.

There are dozens of national and local used car sales platforms where you can list your car for sale. Some require a small listing fee, others offer free listings and make money on advertising. Either way, people looking to sell a car can use the Internet to reach out to the thousands of people looking to buy a car online.

There are also thousands of listing and auction web sites where you can sell a car, though the sites list virtually anything for sale. E-bay and Craig's List are only a few of the more well know web site people can use to sell a car.

The Internet allows people looking to sell a car to reach a larger audience than was ever possible before.

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