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The reality is that the vast majority of junk cars end up at a scrap yard. When your car is truly junk, with no parts worth breaking out and no hope of making a car drivable, the scrap metal dealers normally take over.

The unfortunate thing when you sell a car for scrap is that so little of your car is recycled. Scrap metal dealers simply pull out all the materials that aren't steel, and throw the rest into our nation's growing garbage dumps.

When you sell a car for scrap, the dozens of harmful fluids and toxic metals are too often left to seep into the groundwater, and many potentially reusable materials are left to rot.

Millions of junk cars leave America's roads each year as scrap, and the environmental impact isn't insignificant. Before you sell a car for scrap, you should consider the alternatives.

First, there is a small but growing group of businesses that genuinely recycle cars. Most are in California, but if you hunt, you can find Green companies that responsibly dispose of cars. Unlike the traditional scrap metal company, they'll drain all of the fluids, remove the lead and mercury, and recycle more than just the steel. The downside is that you often have to pay them, while scrap metal dealers pay you.

The charities may seem like a better option, but the reality is that the vast majority of charities simply sell your car for scrap anytway.

The best choice is to find a company that makes a profit by getting cars back on the road. There are a growing number of companies that try to be truly Green, and who focus of re-using old cars that used to be sold for scrap.

In these tough economic times, there is a growing demand for affordable transportation. One person's junk is another person's badly needed car. Don't sell your car for scrap. Find a company that tows for free, tries to fix up a resell cars, and has a policy to recycle those it can't get running in an environmentally responsible way. Their out their, more than ever.

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