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We've not a scrap metal dealer, we don't own a junk yard, and we're not a used car dealer. We just buy junk cars.

We don't own a fleet of tow trucks, we don't operate an auto auction, and we're not a used parts dealer. Again, we just buy junk cars.

The best part for our customers is that we do pay top dollar for junk cars, we do tow them away for free, and we have built a business around strong customer service.

We can buy junk cars for the most cash for a few reasons. First, we keep our costs low. As we said, we don't own a yard, a steel recycling plant, etc. Second, we've worked long and hard to build relationships will all of companies that occupy the junk car industry.

The combination of these two factors mean that we can shop the junk cars we buy around before we make a cash offer to you. If your car is worth most to a used parts dealer, we'll work with them. If it can be fixed up and resold through a used car dealer, we'll go that route.

We only advertise online where costs are the lowest, we have streamlined the purchasing process to keep our customers happy, and we're able buy junk cars for more than any of our competitors.

We're proud of the fact that we've married the old and the new. The junk car business is old school, while the web is the cutting edge. The combination, along with years of relationship building in the junk car industry, means that we can offer the most to customers when we buy their junk cars.

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