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We bought, fixed up, and resold our first junk car in the early 1980s, and we've been hooked on supposedly junk cars ever since. Long before recycling and Green policies were in vogue, we were paying cash for junk cars and getting them into the hands of people who needed cheap transportation. That's the ultimate Green policy; reusing.

Logic, experience, and the beauty of the open markets all taught us that the best way to buy the most junk cars is to pay the most cash for junk cars. We've worked for years to build a business that can do just that.

To pay the most cash for a junk car, we keep our minds open about what we can do with the junk cars we buy. While most businesses are tied to one method, we're not.

Scrap metal dealers value a junk car based on its weight in steel. Used car dealers and auto auctions consider how much it will cost to fix up. Junk yards and used parts dealers consider the value of the individual pieces in the engine or on the body.

We pay the most cash for a junk car because we do all of the above. Sometimes we fix up a car and resell it ourselves. That's frankly our preference. Other times we pull out some spare parts and recycle the rest. Some times we make small repairs and sell formerly junk cars at auction.

The fact that we don't tie ourselves down to any one method means that we can shop a car around to different markets and industries, and offer the most cash for a junk car.

It's a simple concept, but it's taken us years to build the relationships and trust required, and we have yet to run into a competitor who can offer as much cash as we can for you're a junk car.

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