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Car Cash is an elusive term, and only the algorithms of Google, Yahoo, and Bing regularly encounter it these days. Car cash used to be solely found on late night TV commercials for junk car buyers. They were usually poorly produced, and featured three basic images; and 1970s car rotting in place, a tow truck, and a small stack of cash.

Free towing, get rid of a worthless wreck, and put some cash in your pocket. Those TV ads have run for decades for a reason, millions of junk cars leave America's roads each year, and people frustrated with an old heap love free towing, no hassle removal, with the side benefit of $50 to $100 bucks.

These days, car cash has gone online. Enter car cash into one of the three big search engines, and you'll be amazed by the number of companies and organizations trying to tow your car away for free.

Car cash will ironically deliver a great many charities who are trying to raise cash for their causes through car donations. 1-800 car for kids was only the first of hundreds of large and small organizations that raise cash by towing cars away for free, and sharing the cash that their scrap metal partners can sell a junk car for.

The old salvage yards and steel recyclers that have always offered car cash are also beginning to find the Internet. As have a newer and web savvy companies like green car recyclers, car buyers, auto auctions, and many others.

Car cash will always be around as long as millions of cars leave American roads. It's just migrating to the Internet.

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