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We buy dozens of junk cars every day, and the vast majority are only worth their weight in scrap steel. We tow them away for free, and simply hope to break even on costs.

Our company has grown because we buy more junk cars than the competition. When it's possible to fix up a car, we do that. When a car's spare parts are worth more that a junk cars weight in steel, we'll break them down. When a car can be sold at aution, we'll do that.

Our flexibility with how we generate revenue from the junk cars we buy means that we can offer the most cash possible.

We buy cars no matter what their condition, we're up front with the customers who call us or contact us online, and we always make a fair offer for the junk cars we buy.

We've worked hard to make the process as simple, fast and convenient for our customers as possible. From the time you contact us, to the point we buy your junk car and tow it away for free, can often be less than 24 hours.

We'd appreciate the opportunity to buy your junk car. Please take the time to contact us, and turn your junk car into the cash you need.

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