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Junk A Car Memphis

You have many options when you're looking to junk a car.

The old standby are the junk yards that dot the industrial areas of most metropolitan areas. If your car is running, you can almost certainly get more than a salvage yard will offer to junk a car. If it's truly dead, however, some junk yards have a tow truck or two, and they'll offer free tow away service.

If your junk car is a common model and/or can be made to run affordably, you might want to consider an auto auction or selling to a used car dealer. While most make you pay for towing, you do have the potential to make a little cash, as opposed to simply junking a car.

There are also a large number of companies that offer to pay cash for your junk car. Most are scrap metal dealers or towing companies that make a living based on the value of scrap steel. To junk a car, they simply strip out and toss all the materials that aren't steel, then sell the metal to steel recyclers.

The newest players in the junk a car industry are the growing number of charities. The vast majority of the time, they can offer a $500 Federal tax deduction to junk a car. You can save a few hundred dollars next April, and they usually offer free towing.

We are not a charity, but we buy a lot of junk cars. If you're looking to junk a car, we promise that it's worth your time to contact us. We shop your car around to all of the potential buyers listed above, and can make the biggest cash offer possible as a result.

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