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Type Sell Car into Google or Yahoo and you'll be amazed at both the volume and diversity of companies you'll find. On the top end, Sell Car will produce the new car dealers that have always relied on used car trade-ins to get people onto their lots. Some will offer thousands of dollars for any car that you can drive onto their lot. Others will simply offer top dollar, but we all know that once again, they just need to get you to come in.

If you're in the market for a new car, and need to sell a car, trading it in isn't the worst idea. Just beware that new car dealers are going to make their profit somewhere. The bottom end of companies you'll get from Sell Car in the search engines includes the scrap metal companies, junk yards, and junk car removal firms. They normally pitch fast cash and free towing.

The reality is that most offer $100 or less, towing isn't always genuinely free, and they tend to make new car dealers look like alter boys. The junk car business is rough, especially with scrap steel prices at a 10 year low.

You'll most likely get the most money from the middle of the road companies you get from Sell Car on the engines. Look for Car Buyers. These are usually middle men who aren't tied to selling you a new car or any one way of scrapping your car.

The web allows companies to work nationally. You old Buick may be worth $300 in Illinois, but its spare parts could be worth $600 in Buick heavy Florida. Think out of the box when you look to sell a car. Use the internet, shop around, and you'll likely be surprised how non-traditional car buyers can offer you the most actual cash for your old car.

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