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Junk Car Towing Memphis

There are all kinds of companies, charities, and non-profit organizations that offer free towing as a means to get a hold of your junk car.

Charities offer free junk car towing in their efforts to raise money by selling the junk cars they receive for their weight in junk steel. They normally partner with a local towing company with the agreement that the charity will receive $50 to $100 for each car. The towing company agrees to tow for free, and then they try to make money by either selling the car at auction or recycling the scrap metal.

Mon-profits offer free junk car towing for much the same reasons as the charities. However, while your junk car is normally towed away for free, you don't get the tax deduction that normally accompanies charitable donations.

Lastly are the for profit companies that offer free junk car towing. These companies can be auto autions that maintain a fleet of tow trucks that supply their business. Scrap metal dealers have also been know to offer free junk car towing in order to supply their smelters, while junk yards often fill their salvage yards with junk cars they towed away for free.

The key is always to try to get the most cash possible for your junk car. If you a Federal tax savings of a few hundred dollars next year, then talk to a charity. Avoid free junk car towing from non-profits as they will not be able to offer the tax savings.

As for the free junk car towing for-profit businesses, shop around for the highest cash offer. While most will offer free towing, the cash offer should come without fees and any strings attached.

At a minimum, the competition in the junk car market these days should mean that you can put a little cash in your pocket and get free junk car towing.

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