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There are a great many people competing to buy your junk car.

Car donation charities offer free tow-away service, and something like $150 dollars in savings the next time you file your Federal Tax Returns.

Scrap metal companies buy the vast majority of junk cars, but are having a really hard time because the cost of recycled steel has halved over the last few years.

Junk yards are becoming more popular as people try to keep old cars running, but they are under increasing attack from environmental concerns, and can rarely pay more than $50 to $100. They have to pay for the tow, as well as the land to store the car so that people can pick through the used parts as they try to get their money back.

Used parts dealers are dealing with the best and worst of both worlds. They normally spend hundreds of dollars in labor to salvage spare parts, never really know what they're buying until they get under the hood. They also end up selling the vast majority of junk cars to scrap metal dealer. While the spare parts are more valuable in the recession, the steel is worth less.

Finally, car dealers are truly being pummeled by the current economic conditions. The thousands of dealerships that are being closed by Detriot are scrambling to transition from new car sales to used car sales. If your car runs, has less than 75,000 miles, and is less than eight or ten years-old, it worth more now than it was just a few years ago.

The car business is truly changing these days. If you're trying to get cash for your used car, you'd be well served by talking to people many areas of the junk car industry in order to get the most money possible.

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